Saturday, 25 March 2017

Why Middle Schools Should Have an Elective Program

Did you know what career you wanted to pursue when you were a child? I know I do, but the problem is that kids earlier that grade 9 don’t have access to resources that will allow them to find out about their dream job. I know that incorporating an elective program in grade 6 will allow students much more choice not only in their education, but also in their future endeavours. If students earlier than grade 9 were given the opportunity to customize their education, they wouldn't waste time of subjects that don’t matter or apply to them in this “One size fits all” school system.

Personally I want to be a lawyer or an entrepreneur when I grow up, but school does absolutely NOTHING when it comes to my education to help me prepare for court cases or how to get investors to invest in my potential company. I believe that schools are distracted when it comes to students and want to focus on subjects like math and science when they are completely irrelevant to people who want to pursue jobs that wouldn’t entail exponents or chemistry.

Electives would allow students to be exponentially more productive in school because they’re surrounded by people with similar interests who are focused on subjects that they like and are good at. It also gives lots of opportunities for kids who aren’t sure about what they want to do to  get a better understanding about what the job is really about. Students will gain a better understanding of what they’re good at while also striking a balance about what they like as well. I believe that like every other industry, the education sector must evolve and embrace new changes with an open mind. Subjects like Law and Business are only offered in high school, which for kids who want to pursue law or business studies they have to wait for 9 years to even get a grasp at the career they think seems interesting.

The happiness and motivation to succeed will go off the charts should the District School Board implement programs which allow students a broad range of choice and customization to their individualized learning.
In conclusion, I strongly believe and encourage that electives be incorporated as part of standard learning because it will help students gain a better understanding of their ideal job, enhance the way they learn and grow and give them the element of choice they need to succeed.


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