Sunday, 19 June 2016

Viva Roma!

Recently, my family and I went to Italy. We visited the four beautiful cities of Rome, Venice, Assisi and Orvietto.
In Rome, we visited many famous landmarks including the Vatican, the Colosseum, and we even visited a city called Assisi. For me, Rome represented a place to appreciate architecture,visit religious monuments and to see what how the history of Italy was formed. Rome was a place of relaxation and scenic views. From the time I got out of the airport, the scenes were a constant reminder of how beautiful Italy really was. While Rome is a busy place, there are plenty of opportunities to find Rome’s peaceful aura and vibe. One of my most favourite places in Rome was our visit to the Colosseum, there we got to imagine the long and difficult process, that was building the Colosseum. Our tour took us across the 5 levels of the Colosseum and we learned many interesting facts there.  Another place we visited in Rome was the Vatican. The Vatican is an amazing place, filled with centuries and centuries of art and history. The Vatican is rich with history and full of scenic views. We even had a day trip to Assisi. On our day trip, we encountered a more rural and traditional version of Italy. We were on a hilltop with spectacular views of the land below. We visited  many Churches  and paid tribute to Assisi`s patron saint, Francis. To finish off our day, we walked the cobblestone rock that Saint Francis likely walked, hundreds of years ago. In conclusion,  Rome is an amazing place with beautiful architecture, amazing scenery and is a must visit for Italy. Another place we visited was Orvietto. In Orvietto we drove across many narrow cobblestone roads. The experience was something new for my entire family and is one I’ll never forget.

My second half of my trip was spent in the majestic city of Venice. To say Venice is absolutely stunning is an understatement because in my opinion, Venice is probably one of the most beautiful places on the face of planet Earth, and that’s coming from a frequent traveller. Venice has this special charm that made me feel happy wherever I walked. In Venice, we roamed the quaint city in search of classic Venice traditions. Whenever we weren't walking, we were on a boat, more commonly referred to as a gondola. Gondolas are a major mode of transportation in Venice as the city is built on water. We spent most of our free time on Piazza San Marco, a town square where tourists and locals can, enjoy music and even grab a gelato or two from neighbouring gelato shops. While Venice is a small place, there will never come a time where the city doesn't cease to take your breath away. From Doge’s palace to the Grand Canal, Venice really does have it all. All in all, Venice is a beautiful place and also is fantastic for tourism and relaxation alike.