Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My 'Real' First Job

Today I started my first job as a garden caretaker for my neighbours, Donna and Danny. They are away on vacation for 5 weeks. I get to water their garden which has vegetables and flowers. He has plants like lettuce, zucchini, tomatoes and mint.  I even get to keep the ripe fruit and vegetables. My first job is awesome. It even pays! And this is only the start for more awesome job to come :)

Monday, 29 July 2013


This past Saturday, we left to Muskoka for a weekend trip. We started at 6pm, the drive was nearly 3 hours long but the drive was very scenic - so much of greenery! As soon as we got there we bought tickets for a ride in the oldest operating coal-fired steamship in North America. She was called Segwun "Spring Time"
In Gravenhurst, we headed to the beach where we built Atlantis in the sand. We swam for a bit and then headed back to hop onto Segwun. The Captain let me steer the ship for a bit and then dad got me lemonade which made the ride even more sweet. We saw many many pretty cottages along the ride.
We then headed to our 150+ year old hotel "Inn at the Falls" in Bracebridge. The hotel is made up of 7 cottages , we stayed in the Rose Cottage - it even had a Jacuzzi! The architecture of the cottages was impressive and the rooms were HUGE. Great place to stay.
I had a great time over the weekend and spent time in the evening with my friends in their cottage playing Minecraft. We are back in Mississauga but I miss MISS-KOKA.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Community Service... a Must do for ALL!

Yesterday, July 6, I joined the Knights of Columbus for a street cleaning event. The event was organized by my dad (no pressure to attend). My 2 friends, Nathan and Kynan, and I helped clean the street from Derry to Aquitaine. It took us about an hour to collect 2 full bags of garbage.
This summer everyone should put in some time towards community service or even a street clean up. It helps Mother Earth a lot! The environment is very fragile and is disappearing from what we know it as. We must stop littering. The earth is only ours to borrow.