Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Tips for a Good Valentine’s Day

People think February is only a month of more and more snow but it is actually a month of kindness and love which goes with the most popular February holiday Valentine’s Day. I think most people believe Valentine’s Day is about buying chocolates for the boy or girl of your dreams, but it just simply isn’t so. Let me tell you how you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family and friends.

I have created the following 5 acts of kindness that you could do with your family everyday in the month of February.
  • Make cards for your friends and family
  • Help someone
  • Be nicer to a person who you don’t like
  • Have a competition where you do acts of kindness and the person with the most acts of kindness wins something
  • Invite family to your house and talk about the blessings in your lives

    I hope you liked my tips on how to have a great Valentine’s Day and please follow my blogging thanks and have a great Valentine’s Day.