Sunday, 23 March 2014

"Faster, Higher, Stronger"

The Olympics is an international sporting event held every 4 years hosted by a country. There are 2 different kinds of Olympics: Winter & Summer. In the Summer Olympics, there are events like basketball, track & field, tennis and so on. Winter games include biathlon, speed skating and figure skating. Here are some interesting facts about the Olympics:

1. These games have never been held in the Southern hemisphere
2. There have unfortunately been 4 deaths in the practise sessions of luge and skiing
3. Sochi was the warmest place to host a winter game
4. 1.8 billion people watched the Vancouver 2010 games
5. The oldest athlete in the winter games is Great Britain's curling champion, Robin Welsh at 54 years

1. Only four athletes have even won a medal in both the summer and winter games
2. The games held in Athens in 2002 has a record 202 counties participate
3. In the first Olympics in Greece, athletes were crowned with wreaths made from olive leaves not medals
4. China did not win a  medal until 1984
5. Stockholm 1912 saw the last solid gold medals for first place winners - the medals now are only gold plated

Cheers to sports that bring out the best in us and bring us together!