Tuesday, 21 January 2014

My trip to India

I went to India for three weeks and although I cannot write about my entire trip, I have written my best days for my best vacation yet.

We finally got to Mangalore after the three plane ride. My uncle Kenneth was waiting to pick us up from the airport at Mangalore. When we got to Premdhan, my grandparent’s house both set of my grandparents were there. They  were so happy to see us after one year and I was happy to see them too. After we spoke to them for a while we had to go to the hotel we were staying in. It was called Plama.  Once we got there I fell asleep because I was extremely tired. The next day I went to my aunt Marriette’s house where I met my cousin in law Roxana. I spoke to her about movies and we talked about movies she and I wanted to go for with all my cousins like, The Hobbit 2. I wanted to go for it so bad.  After that I showed Roxana a game that I like called Clash of Clans. She said she thought it was really cool. Then I went back to Plama with my parents where I finally finished my book called 'Framed'. My cousins from  a nearing city, Bangalore arrived the next day and I spoke to them about their time in India and their experiences. We go really well together even though they are much older than me. They are really the best cousins ever. On my trip, we also went to the beach; we went in a car and it took about forty minutes to get there but it was well worth it. The beach was really beautiful and we swam a lot too. After the beach we went for The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug. We got back at 12 o’clock in the morning and I dropped in to bed. The following day I just relaxed with my cousins and we bought some tender coconut and ice apples, they were good. We took the juice back home and poured it into glasses and shared it. Then we all watched a movie at home it was called Mall Cop 2, sadly I did not finish the movie because I fell asleep again. The following day we went to my uncle Mario’s beach house, there I swam with my cousins in the medium sized pool. At 9pm we had to to leave because my grandparent’s were tired so we dropped them home and went to my dad’s friend’s house. There I made two new friends Liam and Ben, they showed me a game on their iPod which was about archery. They tried to teach me but I was no good. After 3 hours I said good bye to my friends and we went home.
We also celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary while we were in Mangalore. I raised the toast and every one of my family members were there, they were so happy. We partied till late in the night, after all was over I went back to the hotel. My last day in India I spent with my grand parent’s. I spoke to them and showed them my books, they were sad  that we were leaving and so was I.  But I know I will see them next year. My vacation in India was by far the best one ever.