Sunday, 14 September 2014

My Amazing Summer!

This summer was an amazing experience, let me tell you why. After school ended I could have easily been the happiest person alive… no work, no teachers…no worries…. what could be more right? So let me begin the summery of my amazing summer. This summer I went camping for the very first time with my friends and parents. We roasted marshmallows, slept in tents and overall had a great time. The next big I did this summer was paddle boarding, a new sport I learned while at day camp. It is a lot of fun but can be a little bit dangerous if you are not careful. Paddle boarding is stand up canoeing on a surf board. I had a lot of fun with this new sport and it taught me a couple of thing - first of all it taught me balance and trust. The trust part of it is because I couldn’t go alone so I had to trust that my friends don’t tip the board or lean it when we get on. Another cool thing I did this summer was the U.S. trip, I went to Michigan to see my cousins. We played catch in the pool and did an icy challenge where we would go into the hot tub for 3 minutes and then jump into the freezing cold pool. In Michigan we visited a place called Frankenmuth a little German town about 20 minutes away from Saginaw where we enjoyed live music, food and the company of family. The rest of summer went by with visits to my friends houses when we had no camp. Our typical day consisted of video games, TV, outside fun and great food. Playing in the park was another thing I did this summer with my friends; I hung on the monkey bars a lot and my friends and I invented games like “The shoe game” and “Sand volley / basketball”. My summer was awesome and I will never forget it. This summer I did so many new things and I enjoyed them all, I hope that my next summer is as good or better that this one.