Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Cottage Trip (Goderich) - 2015

This past Victoria Day weekend I visited the Port Albert Cottage and Inn at Goderich, Ontario for the consecutive year.  After a beautiful 2 hour drive it was hard to believe we were really there. When I hopped out of the car with my friend Nathan we took a look at the beautiful inn. Inside I sat with Nathan near the fireplace and instantly felt warm. Shortly after we were allowed in to our cottage called “The Mill House”.  Soon my other friends Josh, Jon, Luke, Mark, Kynan and Frank slowly trickled into the house one by one. We decided to help our parents unload the cars and discovered that Nathan had brought a multi-use sports net.  We set it up and played tennis, volleyball and badminton right up till sunset. Towards the night our parents let us use our iPads. We built traps and raided castles in minecraft. We also roasted marshmallows after an amazing dinner of barbecued chicken and burgers. We also caught up on a movie called The Longest Yard. My first day at the cottage was amazing.
On our second day we visited a cheese factory, I sampled so many types of cheese that I lost count. From the ones I do remember I tried a 9 yr. old cheddar, cheese fudge, munster, and cheese curds. I also milked a fake cow. I went fishing with Nathan but we were out of luck so I decided to head back to the cottage. When we got back home we played games like 7 tiles which was a lot of  fun but really confusing. I enjoyed the games but unfortunately we had to stop for dinner. Dinner was really good, pasta and meatballs. When we had finished I decided to watch my favourite show Shark Tank, a show about investing in small businesses. Then it was time for another flick Furious 7, I liked it because it had a lot of action and adventure. All in all my trip to the cottage was great, I got to try a lot of new things but most of all I got to be with family and friends.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Brussels and all its' mussels.....

During the March break, my parents and I visited Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. Before we saw any tourist attractions we went to our hotel the Radisson Park-in. After checking in, we got down to business and bought tickets to Bruges and Ghent. The train ride was amazing. Both Bruges and Ghent had a lot of antique shops and some fascinating buildings. We also visited a few churches - the Basilica of the Holy blood and Church of our Lady of Bruges. The church’s architecture was stunning, it was all done up with huge pretty murals on the walls. Another tourist attraction in Brussels was the Manneken Pis,  a sculpture of a bronze boy peeing into a fountain. Manneken Pis also happens to be the symbol of the city of Brussels. What’s interesting about the boy is that they dress him up for different celebrations and events. For dinner, we went to a place called l’Escale they served us shrimp roasted in white wine. Delish!!!  I had some local Belgian pasta. The food was really good. The next day we went to a market which was really bustling with people. We got some fresh fruits and vegetables, then some chocolates and sweets from a candy mstore. Brussels was a lot of fun! I hope I can visit again soon.