Tuesday, 22 May 2012

May 24 weekend

My 2 friends & I were at Collingwood - it was all about the Scenic caves, the suspension bridge and the mountain coaster.
OMG.... today I gelled my hair like Elvis.... only thing missing was his singing voice :)

I am also busy putting in my resume at the Mayor's office to volunteer 1 day this summer... wish me luck

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mother's Day Weekend

This weekend is Mother's Day. I have got 3 surprises for my mum. Can't tell cause she is typing....
Now can I give you a clue... no.... because my favourtite color is blue! :)

We are going out for dinner to a friends and a BBQ tomorrow at our place. It is going to be a fiesta! La la lal la la....

Friday, 4 May 2012

Cadets & I

Two weekends I received my First Holy Communion and last week was the party! Both - the presence (of family n friends) and the presents were great :)
Lots been happening while I haven't been active on the blog... such as... this past Wednesday was the finale of cadets - where we got to shop till we drop. My head counsellor, Andy, let us play manhunt  and then was the best moment - SHOPPING! I got a lip whistle, ring pop, skittles (all gone before I got home), mentos (same story as skittles), notepad, a pen and lots more.....

This year our theme at cadets was to "prepare yourself". Keep your eyes on the ball and stay ahead of the game. I encourage young boys to take up cadets because it is fun while you learn.