Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Imminent Federal elections

With the elections just around the corner, last minute voters are scrambling to find their perfect candidate. But how does anyone tell who a perfect candidate is? Well first of all, a politician's life is really hard, anything they do will be judged, documented and criticized. Let's look at Stephen Harper, the Duffy trial gave him much negative publicity. Voters aware of controversies have issues when it comes to trusting the government in power. Justin Trudeau has and will face criticism for his views on the legalization of marijuana. Although in Trudeau’s case, it seems like the voters may have been misguided. Going against prior misconception Trudeau has spoken out when one of his ministers said the opposite. When you associated with politics, communication is key, obviously someone hasn't kept up to date or simply has not been paying attention. Tom Mulcair, on the other hand is prompting change because of Canada's recession. Lower cash flow in the country is less money to give to Canadian workers. It all boils down to how well the candidate persuades the nation. That's why Tom Mulcair is so focused on telling everyone about his history, his past in order that everyone will look to him as a strong leader. After all he has no experience in the PM's office. Many people say you can't please everybody, but that's what a politician’s job is all about. All in all October 19 will be a night to remember because the future of Canada is in our hands - this will be a choice and new beginning. Go Canada Go!

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