Sunday, 26 July 2015

The dwarf planet

When I think Pluto, I think, small planet not 400 degrees below zero temperatures and giant ice mountains! But recent discoveries by NASA have left scientists completely dumbfounded about its new and astonishing facts. Pluto was originally thought to be a regular planet but since it has a width of only half the U.S. you can see why it’s now classified as a dwarf planet. NASA does a lot of space missions, after all it’s the most famous space company in the world but in 2007 no one thought NASA was going to get complete pictures of the planet. 8 years later I think it is safe to say they have come really far. Many people may think these missions are useless but with every planet we discover we are one step closer to possibly finding another planet to live on when and if earth overpopulates, conditions worsen or global warming takes control. Pluto has a rather different route around the sun as it takes 248 years for it to make 1 orbit around the sun. Pluto has some crazy features including a heart in its atmosphere. Even though Pluto was found in the 1930’s most of its discoveries have happened in this year alone. I think Pluto is truly a fascinating planet with all its features but right now, Earth seems the most beautiful and livable of them all.

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