Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Muskoka and me

This past week my friends and I went to a camp up north in a small rural town called Muskoka. In Muskoka, the experiences I had and the new friends I made were amazing. We told scary stories around a campfire in a dark forest where wolves roamed all around, or even the time when we went to the  aerial park with ropes and bridges suspended from 60 foot tall trees. At night we even stayed in log cabins that really gave us an idea of what Europeans would've had to do when coming to Canada. But the best part: NO DEVICES

My absolute favourite event at Muskoka was the time when we had a major event called survivor Muskoka! Survivor Muskoka is a 2 hour long project that really tests your survival skills but more over team work and partnership abilities. Our tasks during the activity were to elect a leader, make a chant and a group name. Once we did that the teachers would assess our creativity from our chants. We would then get  time to build a fire that would burn through a thick rope. We also had to find food and water for our team in order to survive. We also built a hut that supported ten people for people who got cold.

Another cool thing we did at Muskoka was going to the aerial park. In the aerial park we climbed a 60 foot tree and went across rickety bridges, steel cables and even suspended logs. It really tested my risk-taking abilities but also my physical abilities and my mental abilities. 
All in all, I think that it's important to attend camps like this because in our lives we use devices so much that it's important to sit back and take a break from all the games. Along with all the fun I had, Camp Muskoka  also integrated some amazing survival skills with the great outdoors. The experience was truly once in a lifetime.

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