Monday, 25 November 2013

Be an Upstander and Stop the Bullying!

What is bullying? Well, bullying is a form of rude behaviour meant to hurt the feelings of others. We need to understand that bullying is not cool and it has to stop.

Who is a bystander? A bystander is someone who watches bullying happen and doesn’t do anything about it. You bystanders out there go help a victim and don’t be afraid of what anyone thinks just help every victim you can find.

Who is a victim? A victim is someone who gets bullied. Hey victims stand up for yourself you can stop a bully every day

Those are 3 main people in a bullying situation. But how should I stop a bully he/she might hurt me? Well just go to the bully with high shoulders and arched eyebrows and speak with a non-playful tone and tell the bully "STOP’’. If the bully still doesn’t stop tell the teacher immediately. Bullies often are mean because they live in an environment with mean parents , brothers and sisters to so in other words the bully is showing his anger to someone else.1 in 7 kids are either bystanders or bullies. There are many people you can talk to such as your parents ,your teacher or your guardian. Remember don’t be a bully, be an upstander the opposite of a bystander. Have you ever seen a smarties pack it has a kids help phone number on the back call this number if you need help. If you’re a bullying victim and you’ re in trouble just call kids help phone and they’ll be there on the DOUBLE. Don’t worry you are never alone.

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